If I join Club 24, can I get into all club locations?
Some of the Club 24 locations are premier clubs which automatically give you access to all locations. If the club you are attending is not, then you may upgrade to a premier membership for only an additional $5.95 per month. Stop at the desk to upgrade.

Are tanning services available at Club 24?
Tanning is available at all Club 24 locations except Prosser. Special pricing is available for our members.

How do I make an overdue payment?
Stop in at your club during registration hours and our staff can assist you in getting your account current and your keycard active.

How do I add someone to my account?
Simply bring your prospective member to the club and we can add that person to your account. You may add anyone to your account at any time. The primary member will be responsible for the additional payment each month. There are no additional fees in adding someone at a later date.

Can I switch my month to month membership to an annual membership?
Yes, if you want to take advantage of the annual membership cost savings, you may switch at any time. There are no additional charges for doing so.

What are the gym hours?
Club 24 is open 24 hours a day.

How do I cancel my month to month membership?
Although we’d hate to lose you as a member, cancelling your membership is simple. Simply submit your cancellation in writing at least 10 days prior to your bill date at any Club 24 location. Cancellations are not accepted by telephone or voice mail.


What is a training membership?
Our training memberships pack a serious results punch. Our training memberships include your gym membership and training. With a training membership, you’ll lose weight and get in shape because you’ll work with a personal trainer every time you come to the gym (without paying the high cost of a traditional trainer). You’ll get serious results working with a personal trainer while experiencing the benefits and cost savings of working out in a small group.

I can actually afford training with you. Why is it so inexpensive?
Club 24 is a different kind of gym. We’re obsessed with getting our members results. Most gyms charge you gym membership fees and give you the option to add on expensive training services once you’ve joined. Our training memberships include your gym membership and training. Because, with most of our training memberships, you work in a small group with a personal trainer, the cost of your personal trainer is spread across the group.

Our mission is to get our members results, and so our gyms and memberships are designed with this specific goal. We know that by offering stellar personal training while keeping prices affordable, we’re able to help all our gym members reach their goals, not just those with a movie star budget.

How do I find out what training membership options are available?
Training memberships are currently available at Club 24 South Richland, West Richland, and Kennewick. Click on your club and scroll down the page for details and pricing on our training memberships.

I'm interested in a training membership. Can I try it out?
If you are considering joining Club 24 but want to try us out first, go ahead. Our trial training membership is only $79 for 30 days. See what it’s like working with a personal trainer, meet our staff, start getting results and see how Club 24 is a different kind of gym. We think you’ll love it here. Give us a chance to show you what we got.

Our training trial membership includes:
• Unlimited access to group personal training
• Personalized approach to fat stripping, calorie blasting, sculpting & training workouts
• Premier gym access to all Club 24 gyms
• Highly motivational & positive environment
• 100% money back guarantee, If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll refund you

Stop by the gym and we’ll get you all set up. See you at the gym!

Why groups?
The best athletes in the world train in groups. It is one of the most effective training environments. In a group there is a sense of team, with a coach leading the way. Success increases because in a small group there is camaraderie, accountability, motivation, and it’s a lot of fun.

I'm a beginner. Can I just jump in?
YES! No experience necessary. The amazing thing about our training memberships is that every training session is led by a coach who customizes the workout to fit your specific needs. It doesn’t matter what your current fitness level is, what the scale says, or what size of pants you wear because we meet you at your current fitness level and work from there. Your workout is personalized to you and your specific goals. You work with a trainer in a motivational environment with people who are getting results. If the thought of going to a gym seems intimidating, it’s not at Club 24. You are strong and you can do this. All body types and fitness levels are welcome. Just show up and we show you what to do.

Will I lose weight and tone up?
You’ll blast through fat, tone muscle, and reach your goals. Our training memberships are cutting edge and scientifically based to get you to your peak health and fitness level. Through proper training and eating the correct type of food and calories your body composition will change. You will decrease percent body fat, increase lean muscle mass, and increase overall health. Basically you will look, feel, and perform better.

Does Club 24 sell retail products?
Yes. Club 24 has all the best training tools to maximize your times and training. We carry a full line of Polar heart rate monitors, the most accurate heart rate monitors available. We can even sync them at our clubs for you (if your heart monitor is compatible with flow link).

We carry Altra training shoes. These shoes feature a zero drop, which means that the heal and forefoot are at the same height. This allows for proper ankle, knee, hip, and back alignment when working out.

Training hard requires quality recovery so we carry a full line of massage, myofacial release, and trigger point products to help you maintain and promote full body health. .