Beat the Bug

Jose Lucatero doing an alternating wave during a workout out at Club 24 South Richland. Photo by Justin Hawkes

Thank you so much for registering for the Beat the Bug Virtual 5k hosted by Club 24 and Columbia Fitness! Please click the above button that says “Download” to download and print your race bib from home. You can write your name, lucky bib number, or your favorite quote on the blank line provided on … Read more

Club 24’s Fight Plan Against (COVID-19) Coronavirus

Image: CDC.GOV

As attention on the Coronavirus grows, Club 24 and its associates are working hard to prepare for and prevent the spread of the virus. Your safety and your health is our top priority. Here we will answer a few commonly asked questions: How is Club 24 working to prevent the virus? Providing members and employees … Read more

10 Body Weight Exercises You Can Do Almost Anywhere

Body weight exercises are simple to do, and can be done at a park, your house or even a hotel room. Besides being convenient and inexpensive, these compound exercises will engage multiple joints, different muscle groups and can increase your flexibility. Endurance athletes usually have underdeveloped supporting muscles, so simple body weight movements can re … Read more

Benefits of Dumbbells

There are so many great benefits of using dumbbells that there is no way we can list them all. Here are 5 amazing benefits of adding dumbbells to your gym or workout routine. Greater Stabilization – This forces your muscles to use more muscle fibers to stabilize the load which in turn makes the lift … Read more

Burn Calories With Battle Ropes

Jose Lucatero doing an alternating wave during a workout out at Club 24 South Richland. Photo by Justin Hawkes

One of my favorite ways to burn calories and build muscle at the gym is with Battle Ropes. This may be one of the most unknown and underutilized pieces of equipment in the gym. Which is great in a way because they are almost always available and your gonna get a killer burn. On average … Read more

Sleep vs exercise

Have you ever wondered whether you should get that extra hour of sleep or whether you should get up to go to the gym at 4:00 am? Me neither…. Well, just kidding. But it is important to re-think how you look at sleep and how much you are actually getting. Researchers have found that for … Read more

Change your diet, improve your life.

According to a study released by Lancet, globally 1 in 5 deaths (11 million deaths) were associated with poor diet in 2017. Cardiovascular disease being the biggest contributor to the deaths, cancers and type 2 diabetes being other contributing factors. Largest consumption factors seen in foods not eaten such as, nuts and seeds, milk, not … Read more

How old are you?

In an article posted by the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, it is said that physiological age (Age Based on Exercise Stress Testing or A-BEST Score) is the best indicator or predictor of death than chronological age. What does that even mean? Based on this study, heart performance scores with lower physiological scores than chronological … Read more