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The Best Exercise For Your Core! Body Saw!

Information from this section provided to you by https://www.t-nation.com/training/inside-the-muscles-best-ab-exercises Inside the Muscles: Best Ab Exercises By Bret Contreras | 05/17/2010 Demonstration by Kathy Martin  Today we are going to talk about, Bret Contreras.  He uses electromyography (EMG)  a tool that measures how much muscle activity is going on with every movement you do. Based on … Read more

How to use the StairMaster

Have you ever wondered how to use the StairMaster? Using the StairMaster can seem difficult, but with the right steps and right preparation, you will on your way in no time!   Step One: Gather everything you think you need to work out.  Here is a list of average items one brings when going to … Read more