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(tɔːt) + (nʊk), taut + nook

In the Sahaptin language, spoken by native tribes of the northwestern plateau, along the Columbia River and its tributaries, the word “tawtnuk” means medicine. Tawtnuk Wellness Institute’s philosophy that fitness is medicine aligns with Club 24’s hope for its members health through movement.

How Tawtnuk Works For

Club 24 Members

Tawtnuk Wellness Institute is operating Club 24 facilities as wellness clinics during state-mandated shutdowns. This effort allows Club 24 Members to continue to workout in a Tawtnuk Clinic by prescription or referral from their healthcare provider. Getting setup is easy:

Get A Doctor's Note/Prescription

To complete Tawtnuk Wellness Institute's intake form simply upload a doctor's note or prescription for physical activity/working out.

At The Clinic

When you arrive at the clinic location you must read all of the signage outside before entering. Instructions, requirements, and screening protocols must be reviewed. By entering you are agreeing to Tawtnuk's rules and regulations for facility use. Swipe your card to gain entry and to digitally sign in for contact tracing requirements.

Temperature Check

After entering the clinic your temperature must be taken. Below 100.4 degrees and you're good to go! Anyone over that will not be admitted and invited to return once they are no longer symptomatic.

Masks Always Required

Masks must be worn at all times no matter the activity. Need a mask break? Please take your breather outside and return when you're done (Yes you will need to swipe your card and do another temperature check.)

Failure to wear your mask will require Tawtnuk staff to ask you to leave and return when your mask is on.

Clean Like Your Life (And Other's Lives) Depends On It

Masks aren't going to stop this thing alone. Good gym etiquette and hygiene are the biggest keys to stop the spread of germs and pathogens. Please thoroughly wipe down the equipment entirely after use.

Temporary Amenities Closed

Showers, saunas, tanning beds, drinking fountains, and some high-contact equipment are unavailable during this time. Please bring your water bottles. drinking fountains are available for refilling only.

Who Is Tawtnuk Wellness Institue?

At Tawtnuk Wellness Institute, we believe medicine is more than pills and is acquired by doing more than obtaining a bottle. To the ancestors of Yakama, Colville, Lower Cowlitz, and Grand Ronde tribes, tawtnuk/medicine was the influence of your environment, the presence of others and wildlife, and anything that nourished your whole-self; lifted your spirits.

Our job is to make you better as a whole being, to truly enjoy this gift of life our Creator has given us. Originally focused on Native wellness programs and facilities designed to improve the health and wellness of Native communities throughout the US, Tawtnuk Wellness Institute has grown to fulfill the holistic wellness of all communities by converting health clubs, gyms, and fitness centers to wellness facilities.

With over 80 years of combined experience in and around the wellness industry, Tawtnuk Wellness Institute is applying its expertise to safely open facilities where members of the community can safely gather, workout, and become well.