Sandra Hanses

Sandra Hanses


Sandra Hanses is specialized in weight loss, toning, strength and power, weight training, working with running athletes, corrective therapy, post-rehab exercise, working with lower back pain, nutrition counseling, high intensity workouts, obstacle course training, knowing your body’s strengths and weaknesses, pushing you to do your best, accountability and fun innovative workout classes.

“I’m passionate about helping people achieve their goals in a fun, innovative way to make fitness fun for you. I believe listening to your body and what it’s telling you is vital in fitness and everyday life. I am a goal driven person and I push for results in every session. Having been on my own weight loss and fitness journey has given me great tools for helping you with yours.” ~ Sandra Hanses


  • “Sandra is dedicated to not only providing a great workout, but she is inspiring, uplifting and gives constructive guidance in the way she guides the workouts. I highly recommend her if you are overcoming an injury.” ~ Michelle Goenen
  • “Sandra is AMAZING! She is inspiring and dedicated to making you your best. She is very in-tune to your personal needs and pushes you to attain your goals. She has a way of making you feel like a rockstar!” ~ Barbara
  • “I love Sandra! I am so happy she started this workout group because you can see how passionate she is about fitness and being healthy, which makes for an excellent trainer! I love that she becomes familiar with your strengths and weaknesses and pushes you in both areas to better yourself! She’s AWESOME!” ~ Chelsea Gibson
  • “Sandra is amazing in so many ways! She pays attention to what you need to strengthen and what you can put your mind to! I have loved coming to her classes and everyone is a blast to be around!” ~ Taylor