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There is no better time to join Club 24.  As a locally-grown & owned business, we not only have industry-leading sanitization & safety regimens, state-of-the-art equipment, or world-class teammates – we also listen to and understand the neighborhood.

"Please stay active & kind"

This shutdown isn’t what we wanted but we understand the necessity for all of us to do a little more in stopping this pandemic. Physical fitness is vital to your physical and mental health, yet we are being asked to close our doors again while high-contact retailers that do nothing for your health and wellness, nor do they follow the cleaning and sanitization regimens we do, yet they stay open.

We have turned the operation of our locations over to Tawtnuk Wellness Institute who has decided to operate our locations as wellness clinics. This is because both of our organizations agree that our community has the right to remain active during this time. While the requirements to enter and use the facility is different than Club 24, our members have all the same access at no additional costs.

Be safe. Be smart. But most important is please stay active & kind.

Club 24 Management

How To Use


Complete The Intake Form

Visit Tawtnuk.com and complete the intake form.

Read Signage Before Entry

Tawtnuk Wellness Institute has installed signed at the front doors of the clinics, as well as throughout the clinic.

Take Your Temperature

Make sure it is less than 100.4 or please come back when your temperature lowers.

Sign In

Sign in on the log at the front desk. No tailgating others please.

Keep Your Mask On

No matter the activity or the level at which you are performing, masks are required 100% of the time, period.

Clean Your Equipment

Thoroughly wipe down the equipment after yourself after every use.

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