Sleep vs exercise

Have you ever wondered whether you should get that extra hour of sleep or whether you should get up to go to the gym at 4:00 am? Me neither…. Well, just kidding. But it is important to re-think how you look at sleep and how much you are actually getting. Researchers have found that for

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Change your diet, improve your life.

According to a study released by Lancet, globally 1 in 5 deaths (11 million deaths) were associated with poor diet in 2017. Cardiovascular disease being the biggest contributor to the deaths, cancers and type 2 diabetes being other contributing factors. Largest consumption factors seen in foods not eaten such as, nuts and seeds, milk, not

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How old are you?

In an article posted by the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, it is said that physiological age (Age Based on Exercise Stress Testing or A-BEST Score) is the best indicator or predictor of death than chronological age. What does that even mean? Based on this study, heart performance scores with lower physiological scores than chronological

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A gift card for everyone!

If you haven’t heard, our refer a friend program is in full swing! While supplies last, if you refer a friend to join Club 24 on a 1-year agreement you get a $20 gift card. The fun doesn’t just end there, your friend who joined also gets a $20 gift card! It pays to have

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